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scene with social gap 2009/10/27 17:16
Hello and thanks for reading,

I am doing an assignment where i need to review a scene from a movie/drama/anime that's in Japanese but i am having trouble finding something. The scene needs to have a social gap between the speakers (eg teacher and student, staff and customer etc). It needs to be between 2-3 people with appx. 1 minute talking each.

If anyone can think of something that is reasonably well known or possibly knows of a link where i can watch it (youtube, crunchyroll etc) i would really appreciate it.

Thanks again,

by sweetserentiy  

. 2009/10/27 22:11
Are you sure you're having trouble? I Googled youtube ドラマ and easily found footages that suit your needs. In fact, I'm sure that most movie DVDs can fulfil your needs as well.
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