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Can you help identify a Japanese statue? 2009/10/28 05:43
I have a statue that my aunt gave me of a young Japanese hiker carrying a bundle of sticks. He is reading a book The statue is made of pewter metal and about 240 millimeters tall.I have photos of the statue with details of the book he is reading (Japanese text). I can forward them, if someone is interested in helping me identify what the character is and possibly when it was made. You will have to contact me via email so I can send the photos to you. My address is:
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Famous bronze statue 2009/10/28 11:29
Ninomiya Sontoku(Ninomiya Kinjirou)
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wow 2009/10/29 05:39
That's wonderful: I love learning about this sort if ting. Thanks OP and guest!
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Thanks to the guest who replied. 2009/10/29 11:21
Thanks so much for responding. This is indeed the same statue. Small statues must have been popular in Japan as they are so intent on improving lives through education.
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