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Book Identification/Translation Request 2009/10/28 09:25
I've had this book for a while now, but I'm not actually sure of even the title, author, or really anything about the book. The layout of the book itself looks interesting, but I wasn't able to determine too much information about the book itself. Would somebody mind taking a look at some photos to help me figure out what this book is? Any help is appreciated!

P.S. The book has a few english passages, most likely quotes. One seems to be from the play Rosmerholm, and the other, a reference to the book "inscriptions left by early european navigators on their way to the east".

I have more images of the actual text of the book, if necessary. Again, thanks!
by Itoh Daichi  

Shimazaki Toson 2009/10/28 11:37
現代日本 文学全集 16 島崎藤村集
Contemporary Japan Complete Works Literature
writer :Shimazaki Toson
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Thanks! 2009/10/28 12:45
Thanks for the quick identification! A quick check of the wikipedia page shows that is indeed Toson...

One last question. In the index, it looks like it has chapters listed. I'm assuming that this is part of a collection of literature and this book has several selections. Does the index give any idea as to where the chapters are taken from? Entire works, samples of the full text, or just one entire work of his... Thanks again for identifying it for me!
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. 2009/10/28 13:50
I do not think those listed in the index are chapters - it seems that the volume you've got is a collection of essays by Touson. (千曲川のスケッチ is the most famous. You can find books published with this title.)
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. 2009/10/28 13:53
sorry,i have no idea.
Please,Does anyone know?
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