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Expenses 2009/10/28 16:49
Hello, I was wondering if 80,000yen is enough for shopping for 2 weeks in Kyoto and Tokyo.

80k yen is after deducting accommodations, JR Pass, additional transport, entrance fees and food (estimates).

I want to buy snacks, food products and some souvenirs, will it be enough? As in, is it more than enough or its too little? As I have no idea how much those cost in Japan, a little assurance will be great!

by kat (guest)  

.. 2009/10/28 17:56
Would help if you can tell exactly what kinda food products/snacks/souvenirs you intend to buy, but 80k should be more than enough for food/snacks/cheap souvenirs.
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Thanks! 2009/10/28 18:26
The snacks/food products I meant are those sweets, rice crackers, and weird, unique food/drinks which I can't get from my home country. As well as Green tea and green tea products.

Thanks for the reply, I guess I should be fine with that amount. :)
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.. 2009/10/28 18:48
For Japanese sweets you should go to Kawagoe, there are about 10 shops selling Japanese sweets, one pack is around 250-500 yen. Rice crackers can be bought for 200-300 yen, Green Tea (50 tea bags) will average 1-2k yen in department stores, if you're looking for the tinned version then be prepared to fork out much more.
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.. 2009/10/28 20:00
Oh, you might wanna pick up a few bottles of Ramune if you visit any touristy places such as popular temples etc, there's bound to be one or two shops nearby selling a weirdly shaped drink bottle with a marble for a cap. Comes in different flavors, there's also wasabi and curry flavors, if you're keen to try it out.
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Thanks! 2009/10/30 14:14
Thanks for the prices, it helps. Ya, I'm planning to go Kawagoe to shop for the sweets. Any chance I can get those at Ameyoko as well? I read that it might be over-priced at tourist places.

Wasabi and curry flavored drinks are sure weird! haha

Thanks again! :)
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more than enough 2009/11/2 13:12
80k is more than enough to buy snack products. Cheap chocolates and other snacks are also available in Ameyoko.
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