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Yona Yona Ale 2009/10/30 00:03
Tokyo 23-ku
can anyone advise if Yona Yona and/or tokyo black are sold at most convenience store in Tokyo city?

i am not refering to pub, but strictly convenience stores.

by leeks (guest)  

.... 2009/10/30 12:04
Once in a while, you can find import beers at convenience stores, but I've yona yona at any. However, it's available at many supermarkets.
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. 2009/10/31 07:42
Natural Lawson (as opposed to the regular Lawson) C-stores were carrying Yona Yona. Tanaka-Ya beer store in Merjio also stock Yona Yona and probably the other beers from Yo-Ho brewing:


If you are in to good beer, Tanaka-Ya is the best place to go in Tokyo, not only do they have some great Japanse micro brews, but also a fantastic range of US craft beers.

I know you said you didn't want bars, but Beer Club Popeye is worth a visit as you will probably find cask-conditioned Yona Yona Ale on sale:


You can find out a lot about good beers in Tokyo here:

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Yona Yona Ale 2009/10/31 11:56
Thanks RobBeer and ... for the info.

i am actually planning to make a trip to popeye, but wanted cans of yona yona and/tokyo black and bring back for my friends (hope the cans wouldn't blast out as check in luggage though :) )

will also make a trip to ''tower standing bar'' near ginza if there is time.

i will most likely to go the shinjuku outlet for my yona yona (on natural lawsons shop listing on its website, i supposed only those with a ''alcohol'' logo sell yona yona.

once again, thanks for your your help.
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. 2009/10/31 19:38
You should not have a problem with cans (or bottles) in your checked luggage, but it is always worth playing save and put each can or bottle into a plastic bag and, if it is a soft suitcase, pack them away from the walls of the case.

I don't know if you are aware, many other Japanese microbrewers can their beer. Many are pictured here, but a lot of these are no longer in production:


If you can find them, the Oh! La! Ho! beers are very good.

Finally, I forgot to mention in my last post, you can often find canned microbrews in Japanese department stores. Just find the liquor section of the department store's food hall.
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Yona Yona Ale 2009/11/19 00:49
hi Robeer,

thanks for your tip, i just returned from tokyo. made quite a few trips to popeye and found another good drink there, swanlake brew potter, to add to yona yona ale.

was trying to buy some bottles of that back but tanaka-ya (near mejiro eki, right?) was closed on sunday. so anyone trying to make a trip there, pls take note.
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. 2009/11/19 06:15
Glad you enjoyed Popeye, sounds like you had a good time.
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Don Quixote 2009/11/21 22:53
I saw some Yona Yona at Don Quixote today.
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