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Can you find this ryokan 2009/10/30 10:28
In the deep recesses of my memories, I remember coming across a ryokan which not only features beautiful outdoor onsens but also a unique stage built in the garden across a small lake. Guests can enjoy traditional songs & singing performances at night. The wintery photos that depict this is beautiful but that's where my memories end.

Can anyone help me find this ryokan? It may be in the region of Tohoku or Hokkaido as that's where I was searching.

by may (guest)  

ryokan with noh stage 2009/10/31 17:23
what you are looking for is the Asaba

some people have said that it is a bit hard to access ..of course the price is quite high..

it took me 3 minutes to find it by the way..
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