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Hokkaido crab place or Kani Doraku? 2009/11/3 07:45
I'll be visiting Tokyo in December and would like to eat at either Kani Doraku (any branch) or this all you can eat Hokkaido crab restaurant in Ikebukuro (see http://r.gnavi.co.jp/fl/en/a135600/index.htm).

Has anyone eaten at the all you can eat place? Does it only include crab legs? Does the crab at Kani Doraku come from Hokkaido?

On my last trip to Japan I ate at Kani Doraku in Osaka. I enjoyed having a variety of crab cooked in different ways, but I have no idea if the crab comes from Hokkaido. I would very much like to try Hokkaido crab, especially since I believe it will be in season in December.

I'm leaning towards the all you can eat place, but would like to keep my options open.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Very Good 2009/12/14 11:42
Kani Doraku is a very famous restaurant.
I went to the one in Osaka and it was fabulous. Very expensive though. We spent about US$50-70/person.
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website 2009/12/14 11:44
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