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Note that this thread has not been updated in a long time, and its content might not be up-to-date anymore.

Lesbian / bi scene in Sapporo 2009/11/3 09:45
I was wondering if there are any pubs or cafes for lesbian / bisexual women in Sapporo. I've found some online info about one lesbian bar, hosted by a lesbian couple, but apparently that's gone under or moved or something. I would also be interested to know of any bisexual social groups in the area, in case foreigners can join. Thanks for all the tips!
by Pauline (guest)  

good bars 2009/11/5 11:14
I suggest the following psuedo-gay bars:

Club Mirror (South 6 West 2 Tel. 011-562-8779), not really a Lesbian or Bi bar, but has a lot of gay guys.

Locotonte (South 7 West 4, Suskino Kaikan Building 4F) has had a few gay nights and women-only nights.

Bar Orb (Tel. 090 2742 7070) [] This is a lesbian-friendly bar in Sapporo. It has a relaxed atmosphere, wonderful cocktails, and an awesome bartender/owner. Location: Sapporo, Chuo-ku, South 5, West 2, 4F in the ŽΠŒπ‰οŠΩ building.

Ku: for Women, in the 5th Keiwa Building (South 5 West 6 Tel 011-533-0222,
website The owner, Keiko, and her girlfriend, Kaori are wonderful. Several parties are hosted here. Itfs also the offline meeting place for the Dyke Island website: [ Vega/1356/]

BYCS: Sapporo, Chuo-ku, South 6, West 8. Good cruising bar, lots of sex between people there.

Spike: Tel: 011 563 3155 website: Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, South 6, West 7. (in the •Ά‰» building). Bigger than BYCS, same situation of sex.
by bergeron rate this post as useful

Outdated info? 2009/11/5 18:56
Thank you for your answer, bergeron! Um, do you have personal experience of those places? I know this may be a question you don't want to answer so I'm really sorry if I sound rude! It's just that I think the info is from the hajet forum (at least the bit concerning the bar ran by Keiko and Kaori) and it seems to be outdated. I think the Ku bar at least is closed, if I understood their web page correctly. Maybe it's not closed, but at least I can't find their new location. So, I was wondering if someone has current info on a bi / lesbian place in Sapporo. Thanks!
by Pauline (guest) rate this post as useful

You'll Have To Scroll,... 2009/11/7 12:04
...There are many gay bars in Sapporo, mostly located in the SA Building (South 6 ... The majority of gay bars in Sapporo are located on the south-west west ... - - - - -
by stanfordgal rate this post as useful

Looking for current info 2009/11/7 16:04
Thank you for your answer, stanfordgal! I'd like to point out once more that the hajet forum info is outdated. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but in case other people are wondering about the same thing as I am and are looking at this thread, I don't want them to get wrong ideas. Also two of your links did not really have any lesbian / bi specific content (?), so I did not understand what I was supposed to get from them. I'll try the Lego bar mentioned in the Utopia link - thank you!
by Pauline (guest) rate this post as useful

lesbian/bi 2009/12/13 02:59
Bar Lego and Bar Orb in Susukino are good bars for lesbians. I visited the both bars.
by Lui (guest) rate this post as useful

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