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Kitchen Must Haves + Storage 2009/11/3 22:35
I live in America and nearby is a really neat Asian food store. I love all kinds of Asian food, but Japanese cuisine is still my fave. I'd like to know, what would be the things that every Japanese (or just Asian in general) kitchen has that shouldn't be passed. I know almost every home has some type of rice, soups, veggies etc, but I'm kind of lost after that.I heard that Dashi, and other things would also be good to have.

Also, what are the storage method for these foods? I'd like to be able to buy my seaweed, tofu and big bags of rice without worrying were to put then after opening. hehe

One more thing. Do people in Japan eat Kimchi alot?
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. 2009/11/4 14:30

Soy sauce is a must for the Japanese. Some even carry it when traveling abroad. Other unique yet standard seasonings are rice wine and miso. Dashi means "soup stock." Katsuo-dashi-no-moto, in other words instant bonito flake stock might come in handy, although many locals make dashi from scratch.

But I think that things in the kitchen should be bought when you use them. For example, when you decide to make a certain dish and you see soy sauce in the recipe, you buy soy sauce. But without specific plans for cooking, you might end up buying things that are useless to you.

The storage method depends on the food, packaging and climate. Even some locals mistakenly put everything in the fridge, but many things can just be kept in a dark and dry cupboard. Consult to the shopkeeper for details.

Yes, people in Japan eat Kimchi a lot, but not at all as much as Koreans.
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my items 2009/11/5 06:58
well im asain and live in the US, and i will always need that hot sauce umm....i forgot what its called but it has a pic of a rooster on it...plus oyster sauce, soy sauce, bak choy veggies, crap my supervisors getting on my case now...tell u more later
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I am in Palo Alto, Ca. 2009/11/5 11:38

There are so many items you should stock... instead of naming them I like to recommend most or all Japanese goods be purchased at the Chinese Supermarkets. If you live in California all Lions or Ranch 99 carry the basic Japan goods, and CHEAPER. Vegetables are fresher too. Japanese rice, "Kokuho Rose" by Nomura or the hard to find Koda Bros is the best.
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Just hungry 2009/11/5 19:22
Please see these posts over at Just Hungry:

(Basics of a Japanese pantry)

(Basics of Japanese cooking equipment)

This is the best site I know of for Japanese cooking and information.
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Thanks everyone~ 2009/11/6 01:50
I live in Connecticut, so I don't really know about those stores. But the store I go to is very big and has alot of foods from all over Asia. And I'll have to give those links a look! Thanks for everything so far guys~
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