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Where to buy Goose in Japan 2009/11/4 15:53
Hello, I am currently living in Fukuoka and I would like to prepare a goose during cristmas by myself. Can you give me an idea of where to buy a goose (prefarably frozen) near Fukuoka or where to order it? I know already about themeatguy.jp but they do not deliver goose (only duck and turkey, etc.)

thank you very much in advance!

by liwicki  

.... 2009/11/6 16:23
Maybe, just maybe, you could find it at National Supermarket in Azabu, Tokyo. But I wouldn't have too high expectaion since I hardly ever saw goose in Calif. supermarkets.
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looks like if they only have duck 2009/11/6 18:45
Thank you for your answer - on the web-page they sell chicken and duck. But maybe it is impossible to get goose here. If anyone has another idea, please tell me.

Best regards,

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chinatown 2009/11/7 03:52
ask around in chinatown in yokohama, someone there will definitely know where to get one and there will probably even be a market that sells them. be prepared for the probable high cost.
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oops 2009/11/7 03:53
sorry i just realized you're in fukuoka. well, see if you can search for some yokohama chinatown markets that might sell online.

kobe also has a reputation for food importers, try looking for kobe merchants too.
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foie gras 2009/11/7 16:49
It might be easier to just roast a turkey with foie gras stuffing. Both are easy to find at upscale supermarkets.
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