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How to ask for bill/receipt in Japanese? 2009/11/4 21:07
Hi, I'm going to Japan in a week and was wondering how I can ask for the bill and receipt after I finish a meal. Help is much appreciated :D

Also, is it true that a receipt/list of things you have ordered will be at the tableside while dining, and you have to bring that to the cashier after the meal to pay?
by Carmen (guest)  

receipt please 2009/11/5 11:26
"Ryoshushou kudasai" (ree-o-shoe-sho ku-da-sa-ee).

Sometimes the bill is at the table, but don't worry about it- just get up and go to the till and they'll sort it out!!
by a (guest) rate this post as useful

depends 2009/11/5 17:31

Do you want to say, "I'd like to have the bill now (so that I can pay for my meal)."? If so, just say "Gochisosama (Thanks for the meal)." or "O-kanjo onegaishimasu (The bill, please)." Otherwise, just walk up to the register and they will know you want to pay. In Japan, most resterants, bars and cafes don't accept payment at your table.

Or do you want to say, "Can I have a receipt (for the payment that I just did, so that I can hand it to my accountant)?" If so, say "Ryoshuusho kudasai (Please give me the receipt)" as you hand them your money or credit card.

The bill is often placed at your table as you eat but not always.
by Uco (guest) rate this post as useful

Sorry 2009/11/5 17:32
I meant to say "cashier" instead of "register."
by Uco (guest) rate this post as useful

In general .... 2009/11/6 08:12
.... I would say "oaiso" (hope the spelling in romaji is correct like this?? At least the pronunciation should be ok). It more or less means: we are finished and want to pay, if I'm not all wrong.
by kulachan rate this post as useful

oaiso 2009/11/6 12:09
"Oaiso" is commonly used, but some say that it's a technical term for chefs to use and therefore will not look good on ordinary customers.
by Uco (guest) rate this post as useful

. 2009/11/6 12:43
Uco is right. In this case you should say "okanjou".
by Ikuyo Kuruyo (guest) rate this post as useful

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