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Kitsune fox mask 2009/11/5 20:43
When I visited Fushimi Inari Taisha earlier this year, I bought a small kitsune mask which has a red string and a tiny bell on it. The mask is white, so it's obviously a good fox! :)
But it doesn't look like a phone strap for me... So what's the purpose of this fox mask? A good harvest?

Thaks for help! :)
by strawberry cupcake  

maybe 2009/11/7 23:10
Is your fox mask below?


This is a lucky charm for the prosperity of one's happiness.

sorry my poor English
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Almost the same? 2009/11/8 08:14
Mine looks more like this: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1147/726450102_da1297fa88.jpg?v=0

But maybe the purpose is the same! :) Thank you so much!
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note on foxes 2009/11/8 11:51
Strawberry Cupcake,

Perhaps you are aware of this, but the fox is the messenger of Inari gods, and Inari shrines are shrines that worship Inari gods. These fox messengers are always "byakko" in other words "white foxes". I suppose what you purchased is either a real traditional mask or a miniature figure of real tradional masks designed to be souveniors. The belt and strap is supposed to be used to fasten the mask on your face if it were the original size. You can put it up on your wall as an ornament.
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Thanks! :) 2009/11/8 20:46
Thank you once again, Uco!
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