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People asleep during Noh drama 2009/11/6 15:12
The other day, I went to a Noh drama performance. It was my first time to watch Noh, and I enjoyed it and found it quite unique, having done my 'homework' of reading about Noh and that particular piece. Now, it doesn't bother me that some people in the audience were obviously asleep during the performance - in the end, Noh is no action movie, and I know well about the Japanese habit of dozing off in the public (and the general tolerance of it). There is just one thing I can't fathom - but again, it may only be me: There were these two young Japanese guys who were sitting in front of me, 2nd row front, about 5 meters from the stage, and who were sleeping most of the time (I could see it from the way their heads tilted from left to right and vice versa - I couldn't help seeing it, because the stage was in that direction. One guy even tended to rest his head on his girlfriend's shoulder, who didn't seem to bother). There was a free sitting order, and these lads didn't look young enough to have been burdened with a school assignment about Noh, or something like that. My question is: isn't dozing off right in front of the stage disrespectful towards the actors who work so hard? Isn't it cheaper to sleep at home? If someone gets really sleepy in a theater, why not choose a rear seat?
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not interested 2009/11/6 15:59
One guy even tended to rest his head on his girlfriend's shoulder

Sounds like they may not have been there by choice, and thus not particularly interested in what was going on on stage.
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