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Photographer looking for models 2009/11/7 12:43
Be prepared for a long post!!!

I've posted before about how I am a photography fanatic! :P Well I've been thinking about something for a while now because my departure for Japan is coming soon. I will be going to Japan for work, but in my free time I plan to take many many photos.

I'm not sure if I would call myself a professional photographer as I have not taken photos for any large magazines, newspapers, etc. I do have some experience. I've been hired for school photos, weddings, small clothing lines, etc.

I also have my own personal portfolio full of photo shoots I have set up myself. I love experimenting by mixing fashion photography with horror and macabre. I'm very inspired by fashion from all over the world and I love putting a dark edge on it.

I've had no problem meeting models and making friends here in the US thanks to websites such as Model Mayhem. For the most part the models and I have worked together for the love of art - not to get paid. I don't find it very hard to find models who like my ideas and projects and want to work with me just for fun. I think this might be because everyone wants to either be a model or photographer and will take a chance at it whenever they can.

I have run into the problem where models are not comfortable with the ideas I present. I don't do anything pornographic, I don't even do artistic nudes. Usually it is more that the model is afraid to try new things because I tend to push comfort zones with my photos (I do not mean I make my models push their comfort zones, but I tend to do ideas that some people disagree with).

I will give some examples: I once did a photo shoot inspired by the Korean movie "A Tale Of Two Sisters" where I hired two models, but one model dropped out because she was uncomfortable being close to the other female model. When I studied Criminal Justice, we had to do a large project on a specific person. For part of my project, I took photos reenacting the many different murders that the serial killer I was research committed. Quite a few people where not up for this project for numerous reasons: they didn't want to get dirty and bloody, the idea scared them, etc.

So I have a few questions.

1. Is there a site that many Japanese go onto in search of photographers, models, make-up artists, etc? I know people from all over the world join Model Mayhem, but I'm wondering if there is an even popular one in Japan. I'd like to talk to as many people as I can beforehand.

2. Is small time photographers and models common in Japan? Here it seems that everyone and their mother can be a photographer and model! When I visited the UK for business, in my free time I had a very hard time meeting models for photos because I had not been published in any large magazines. It seems the models there - even ones who had not been published themselves - didn't want to work with you unless you were a relatively popular photographer. I'm hoping when that I'm able to print out my actual portfolio before I go that way I can show it to anyone I end up working with just so they can see what I have done in the past and they have an idea of what I like to do.

3. Would my photos and ideas scare potential models away? I told you how it is some what easy to find models here because it seems everyone wants to be one, but there are a few people who are not comfortable. I am guessing it is the same in Japan - some would be up for it, some would not. I am only asking because I sent my pen pals some work of mine and while she liked it, she made comments like "I don't know who would do that!!"

I wish I was on my home pc so I could upload my photos and show you actual examples of my photos! Instead I will show links to photos that have the similar ideas and style as mine.

I'm sorry I make such long posts!!! I will try to condense my thoughts next time! Thank you to whoever read!
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. 2009/11/8 05:24
I have a friend in Japan who pays 5,000 Yen to Japanese girls to film them throwing pies and pouring chocolate syrup on each other and then people pay to see them on the Internet, so these photos aren't that strange. Try Mixi (like Facebook in Japan), that's where he finds models. Also post ads in Japanese magazines like Metroplois or Kansai Scene.
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=) 2009/11/8 07:41
Thank you very much . (guest)!
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Oh no. 2009/11/8 07:49
Mixi only allows you to register if a friend requests you and now you also have to have a working cell phone from Japan which I do not have. =/
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