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Hot ginger drink 2009/11/7 19:22
When I was in Shirakawago and also in Kyoto, I had a lovely ginger drink which I have been unable to find elsewhere.

I've had ginger tea and this is different. It was served hot but I don't think it was tea- based. Can anyone help?

by nozomi (guest)  

. 2009/11/8 11:12
Was it sweet? If so, it might be "shouga-yu". It is made of grated ginger, hot water and some sweeter (often honey). Although you can buy owdered mix, you can easily make your own if you have those three indredients.
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kuzu? 2009/11/8 11:29
Perhaps it was starchy. You can add starch (either kuzu, katakuriko or cornstarch) to the recipe shown by Ikuyo Kuruyo. Honey can be substituted by raw sugar (kuro-zatou). Very good for your throat and warms you up through the winter.
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What color? 2009/11/8 11:33
It's me again. Actually, what color was it? If it was white and not clear, it could have been "ama-zake" heated with ginger. Both amazake and instant shouga-yu are available at supermarkets.
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Hot ginger drink 2009/11/8 13:45
It as definitely sweet - can't remember what colour it was though. Very warming on a chilly spring day!

i think it might have been shouga-yu. I've had ama-zake and it was not like that.

Arigatou gozaimasu for your responses.

(It was nicer tha hot ginger drinks I've made myself with ginger and sugar and lemon)
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Yes, I know the ginger drink you mean... 2009/11/30 18:27
Yes, here in Australia, they serve this same ginger drink as a pre/post massage drink at our local Thai Massage place.

They actually buy it from one of the local Chinese shops, though, and the particular one I was able to get my hands on is actually Korean!

The brand I bought is by OKF, see the link here: http://www.ecplaza.net/tradeleads/seller/3876782/okf_ginger_tea.html

It is actually ginger boiled into something sweet and then honey is added. It is very sweet, very flavourful, and just a bit spicey, like a peppercorn spicy!

On the actual jar, it's called "marmalade" which is probably a better description. Indeed, it's not tea based. It's more like a jam, and you stick a teaspoonful in your cup, pour hot water on it, and stir.

This isn't by any means the only brand available, but the OKF one I have actually has a US FDA approval on it, so I'm sure you'd be able to find it if you're in the US.

Anyway, good stuff! Just don't drink TOO much of it. Ginger can burn the gut if you ingest too much of it all at the same time!
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Hot ginger drink 2009/11/30 19:25
hey thanks for the info.

I'm actually in Aus (WA) so your info is really useful. I'll look out for it
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