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kotatsu 2009/11/11 04:50
Hello everyone,

I'm living in europe and interested in buying a japanese kotatsu.

I never tried it yet, but it seems to match perfectly with the way that I'm relaxing at home each sunday after a hard working week.

More specially in winter where I'm laying on the sofa while watching tv and drinking tea.

I would be happy to read your advices about kotatsu, and your personnal experience with it. How to choose it ?

Besides to the table, do you see some other elements that are needed to enjoy the kotatsu properly ? I'm thinking to cusions, etc..

Thank you for your help.

by Marsu  

blanket 2009/11/11 16:15
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. 2009/11/14 18:43
I'm not sure what Yoshi means by "blanket" but what you need is a kotatsu which is a sort of table equipped with warmer. In summer you can use it as an ordinary table, and a kotasu futon which is a quilted thick cover in a perfect square shape. The kotasu futon usually comes with a floor cover which prevents the cold floor to decrease the heat.

But I suppose this can be substituted by a non-flammable warmer (if you are able to find anything like that). You can put the warmer under the table, and then you can cover the whole table with a warm bed cover. Best if you have a board you can put on top of the table and cover.

However, I know a lot of Japanese people who lived or are living in Europe and none of them are using kotatsu, because Europe has central heating.
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Re: 2009/11/14 23:33
I think you need a voltage converter when you use Japanese kotatsu in Europe.
Japanese voltage is 100V.
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kotatsu 2009/11/17 01:54
Thanks for those replies !

Is it possible to buy the heater alone ? I am thinking to build the table and buy separately the needed items.

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. 2009/11/17 03:24
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Kotatsu 2009/11/17 18:43
Marsu, if you were to use a kotatsu you wouldn't be sitting on a sofa but on the floor, with your legs crossed and under the kotatsu, and with the quilted cover on top of the kotatsu also covering your lap.
True kotatsu have a second table top on top of that quilted cover to ensure that glasses and plates don't wooble...but that top isn't fixed..so one must be careful not to tip it over...

Seating under a kotatsu isn't the most practical and relaxing way...even if you use chairs without legs, as the Japanese often do.
By the way the heater for the kotatsu is fixed to the underside of the table so you can't bang into it when your legs are under the table.
see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kotatsu
(you can see a legless chair on the left) see also

Incidentally my friends in Japan have great wall mounted/ remote control operated air conditioners, in each room, that cool in summer and warm in winter (they are also sold in Europe, North America etc.) yet they still use a kotatsu because they are "so cute"
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. 2009/11/17 19:19
These days such kotatsu are availbale...

The above are offered as "a set" but you should be able to purchase just futon for kotatsu, though you need a top plate to place over the futon.
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