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becoming a host family in USA? 2009/11/11 16:12
United States
When i was growing up we always had foreign exchange students living with us and i loved it! now that i am older and finally own my own home (and have a spare bedroom) i was thinking that i wanted to start having students live with my family. i would especially love to have Japanese students, but of course i wouldn't turn anyone down :)

anyway, i've been trying to do some research online but haven't had much success and am kind of at a loss of how to proceed. a lot of the programs look downright shady - requiring deposits or sign-up fees.
i was wondering if anyone had used a program/website they liked or could offer any advice or experiences they've had being a homestay host.

thanks in advance!
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in Oz 2009/11/11 18:25
im not sure if it works tha same in the USA, but in Australia you just register to become a homestay with a school, and then they send you a student! this can include private high schools, uni's or english language schools (your best bet), anywhere that accepts international students. they normally come out and inspect your house and room, but there is definately no sign up fee's or anything like that! they pay you to host the student, you shouldnt be paying them! its a great experience too, so good luck!
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Hosting the exchange student 2009/11/12 14:28
Which State are you in?

My parents has been hosting for 30 years now. My sister and I also host.

If you are interested in hosting, best way is to contact the source in Japan, or the university NEAREST TO YOU that partner with Japan university. My parent's contact is with the Prefecture School Board in Japan - mine is my employer Stanford University - my sister through U.C. Irvine.

Would you email me with following info: (a) your city & state and (b) interested in high schooler or college student, (c) can student take a bus to commute? I will email you the list of U.S. universities in your areas participating in the exchange program. Here is my email,stanfordbiomedical@gmail.com

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Host family in USA 2009/11/13 11:44
We have hosted High School students for many years. We never paid anything to an organization. You shouldn't have to pay any fees. You may have to sign some papers allowing them to do a background check and they may need to see the place you are going to host the student. But those are very reasonable things.

Most of the organizations are hungry for host families. It is quite a commitment. We have gone through a local group and NICE. Best of luck.
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thank you 2009/11/18 03:54
Thanks everyone for your help (especially stanfordgal). i've found some good info and i'm excited to get the process started.

i'll update you guys on our progress! :)
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