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Head to toe outfits in Japan? 2009/11/12 02:24
Are there many head to toe matching outfits (with accessories such as shoes, purses, headbands exactly matching the outfit) sold in Japan for 14 year old girls?
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. 2009/11/12 11:56
The only thing that matches is that they don't match. Fashion there is very "unique".
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fashion 2009/11/13 14:25
I don't know what the previous poster is talking about. There's plenty of outfits with matching accessories for 14 year old girls. Check out any department store, or head to Shibuya 109 or Harajuku. There's alway luxury brands too if you've got the cash. Then again the girl I saw wearing head to toe Burberry clashed so much with herself that it almost gave me a seizure.
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why 2009/11/14 12:58
why would you want to wear a head to toe matching outfit? maybe you should watch the show 'what not to wear'.
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Will check those places out 2009/11/15 00:01
Thanks, will certainly go to Shibuya 109 and Harajuku!

why would you want to wear a head to toe matching outfit? maybe you should watch the show 'what not to wear'.

I have seen that show. That show once said it's too much for a woman to dress head to toe in pink. But what is too much for a 30 yr old woman is often cute on a little girl or younger teen. I love head to toe outfits for picture taking and complete collections. Also branded girls' complete matching outfits often have higher resale value.
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Height of 14 year old? 2009/11/16 08:57
Do 14 year old girls wear matching outfits like that these days? At 14 I was 5'9" (175cm) and would certainly not have fit into any of the outfits that are available for young girls in shops like 109, although I was very thin.

I also probably would have thought that a head to toe outfit with matching accessories was the height of uncoolness and refused to wear it, although perhaps it's different these days, I don't know.

Make sure you check the height of the 14 year old in question- even in Japan I believe those kinds of outfits are aimed mainly at the 12 and under group, so unless you have a very small 14 year old there, you may not find the right size.
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no no 2009/11/16 11:40
Head to toe outfits are only good for babies and toddlers. I work at an elementary school so I'm around kids that age all the time. I can certainly tell you any of those girls kindergarten and up don't wear outfits like that, and they probably would hate it if they had to. You can't go wrong with a cute pair of jeans and a nice top or even a cute dress. I don't know the girl that you're getting the outfit for, but I would be willing to bet she would not like or wear a head to toe outfit.
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and 2009/11/16 11:43
Just because you love it and think it's cute doesn't mean a kid would. Especially if they're close to being a teenager or are one. That's the age when they automatically think everything adults like is stupid.
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. 2009/11/16 11:56
14 y/o means she is a freshman at high school maybe? I have never seen a high school student in a head to toe outfit and I even feel it is freaky. But then OP didn't ask what we think of it.
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fashion 2009/11/16 17:21
the OP, "cute as a button" is a young girl, if I remember well, with a rather unusual fashion sense. Isn't she the one who planned to dress with a T-shirt sporting a fish design to visit an aquarium, with girly-girly clothes in a camouflage print to walk in the forest etc. etc. ???

Actually I had rather see someone whose pieces of clothing are ALL of the same colour than look like the young woman I saw the other day. Each one of her clothes and accessories, from the glasses to the shoes, bag, T-shirt etc. has a big size designer logo different from the other items! She had something like 6 or 7 different names/ initials!
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Op 2009/11/17 11:04
I'm pretty sure that the OP is the 14 year old girl in question and is shopping for herself, as monkey see also points out.

Cute as a button,

You'll probably be able to find what you're looking for at the places mentioned in the first few replies. And just ignore the rest of the thread.
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Matching 2009/12/27 15:49
Not sure if it's what the OP wants, but I know there are some lolita fashion brands that make matching outfits & accessories.
Angelic Pretty comes to mind.
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