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Shoe sizes 2009/11/15 15:25
Hi all! I have searched a lil b4 posting. From what others have wrote, US8 (24cm) seems like the common biggest womens shoe size?!

I'm an almost 12 yr old girl, currently a size US Youth 4 (US5.5 Womens). I'm guessing I have a slim chance finding youth girls' shoes my size? Will I be able to find youth boys sport shoes my size? I would rather wear boys shoes than pay an arm and leg for womens shoes that will only fit me for no longer than a few months.

by Leslie (guest)  

.. 2009/11/15 19:05
i don't see why you couldn't wear women's shoes. they are not that expensive anyway. you can get them as cheap as 1000 yen (but usually 3000 yen and up).

it just depends on where you buy your shoes and what kind of shoes you want to wear...
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shoes 2009/11/15 21:42
You are into the adults' sizes at US 5.5, but as above, as long as you go for the cheaper end shops, women's shoes aren't really more expensive than girls' shoes here. If you want Nike etc. then sports shoes are going to cost you a bit, but so would the girls' version.
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Better overbuy ahead then 2009/11/15 23:47
Thanks for the replies! In that case, I better overbuy Nike sports and Clarks leather shoes in USA before I leave (as it is hard to tell what size(s) I will be next year). I can get decent youth girls nike shoes for $30 in the US. I will probably be able to sell what I don't wear at a profit anyway... so there's nothing to lose.

In response to the first poster- maybe 3000yen (for a pair of girls shoes) and 4500yen (for a pair of womens shoes) is not much different. But if you were me, you wouldn't be satisfied with just 1 pair :) Half a dozen pairs is the least I would be satisfied with.
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