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Problems with socks and tights (tall) 2009/11/18 16:42
Thanks to those who gave me suggestions 2 months ago on where to buy clothes for tall people. I am now in Japan, have found tops and pants (there were times when they were not supposed to fit, and I have been able to make some fit me). I released the extra hems on dress pants to make them longer.

My problem now is with tights and socks. Tights seem to rip after only wearing once! I think it's because I'm too tall for them (I'm 170cm)? I am not heavy for my height (54kg). "Over the knee socks" hit right at my knees. Womens socks are generally too short (they are usually 22-24cm). I can force them to fit me (my shoe size is 26cm), but they usually wear out quickly. Where do tall people buy their tights and socks in Tokyo? Thanks in advance!

Most Japanese women are surprised when they find out I (=Asian woman) am a size 26cm! :) I bet they don't know that those who are 170cm usually have 25-26cm feet.
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No easy solution 2009/11/19 14:30
I am 175cm and 58kg and take a 25.5-26 so am probably similar dimensions to you. I'm afraid my answer is probably not what you want to hear- I usually buy men's short socks, I have given up on over the knee socks, and I either buy my tights overseas or don't wear them at all. I often wear boots in winter anyway so I just wear leggings and socks under the boots quite often.

I actually gave myself very bad ingrown toenails which needed surgery a few years back wearing tights and pantyhose bought in Japan and which were too short for me- it's not worth it.

I know what you mean about the comments- my feet are actually small for my height but I always hear "dekkai!" when I tell people my shoe size. I am thinking that a lot of Japanese women are having the same problem these days- a few years back the average pair of socks was for 22-24, now they seem to be making them a bit bigger. I have hope for the future!
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Try These Shops 2009/11/20 14:40
Clothes that fit…
To find your nearest store:
GAP 03-3499-8600
Laura Ashley 03-5474-2643
Isetan 03-3225-2514 (5th floor)
Jusco 043-212-6110
Kenzo 03-5485-9860
Kashiwaya 03-3205-1960
Zara 03-5449-1718
Talbot’s Japan 03-3571-2922
Shimamura 048-652-2111
Uniqlo www.uniqlo.co.jp/english

Mail Order:
www.sumisho-otto.com/store/home/home.aspx (Japanese only)
www.nissen.jp (Japanese only)
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Tights 2009/11/22 05:50
According to the size on the tights, they were supposed to fit 155-170cm & 45-61kg, so I was a little disappointed. I know better now... i.e. not to buy tights that list 170cm as the max height. I have searched online and found tights for 165cm-175cm which I plan to buy if I couldn't them in stores.

I have also given up on over the knee socks that are not over the knee for me. Thanks for sharing your experience Sira, you have made me give up on wearing hoisery and socks that are too small.

What's ironic is what I worried most about not being able find (tops and pants) were fairly easy to find. My inseam is 79cm (31'') & I have been able to find pants without much difficulty. I must say the pants lengths are very generous.. the longest womens pants inseam at Japanese brands are usually 81cm (32'') which should fit a 175cm person with medium length legs. I hope you don't have too much trouble finding pants Sira?

Thanks for your suggestions standfordgal. Will keep an eye for tights and socks at those places. I have been able to find clothes that fit me well at Gap, Zara and Isetan.
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legs and feet 2009/11/22 08:03
Most of my height is in my legs, so I not only have trouble finding pants long enough in Japan, I have trouble finding them long enough in my home country too! Zara is about the only option really. Very occasionally Benetton and Gap cut a certain design of pants a bit longer and they will just be long enough, or I can wear them under boots etc. I need pants with a 34" leg really, my inseam measurement is about 84cm.

Unfortunately in my experience most of the stores (I don't know about the online ones) stanfordgal listed either don't carry tights (e.g. Zara), or just carry the usual sizes (Uniqlo, Gap). I don't recall seeing larger size tights at any of the department stores, even in the "tall" sections, but maybe I should look again. 170cm seems to be the maximum height the manufacturers can possibly imagine a woman to be! I know a lot of Japanese girls taller than that though.
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