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Guarantor for university entrance test? 2009/11/18 21:17

I'm hoping to take a uiversity entrance examination this december, but to my surprise, to be able to apply for it I need a guarantor - in other words someone who's lived in Japan for 5 years or more and speaks some Japanese, or for that matter is Japanese.

That I would need a guarantor was news to me, and since I've quite recently arrived in Tokyo I still have no contacts...

Please, please, someone, if You have any idea of how or tip on how I should go about finding a guarantor, please answer. The last day of the application date is getting closer and closer ^^;

by Anna (guest)  

visa 2009/12/5 21:32
The guarantor is not for the test but for the visa you'll need for your stay in Japan. The school will sponsor your visa but it will still need a guarantor to make sure you'll do as intended. Hope this helps.
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