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bafarin like aspirin? 2009/11/19 19:07
I'm just wondering if the japanese pain killer
'Bafarin' is like aspirin - as in, is it an anti-coagulent (blood thinner)?? Thanks!
by shii (guest)  

Bufferin 2009/11/20 10:57

Bufferin is aspirin.

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. 2009/11/20 20:06
Bufferin (pronounced "bafarin" in Japanese) is a product of Lion.

Aspirin is a product of Bayer.

They are basically the same things. However, somehow, Aspirin seems to suit me better. There are also many other similar over-the-counter pills that work for fever, headaches and and various other pains.
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Bufferin .... 2009/11/24 07:01
.... and if you prefer something like Aspirin I recommend "Naron Ace" (hope the spelling is correct?!). Always helps me without any side-effects.
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thanks! 2009/11/24 07:58
thanks everyone.

I just needed to know if it contained aspirin which would thin the blood, and it seems its a sort of buffered aspirin, so it should be fine for me :)
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