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Uniqlo 2009/11/24 20:38

I would like to find out where are the UNIQLO stores located in Osaka and Tokyo.

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... 2009/11/25 09:09
The following website shows you store locations:

東京 means Tokyo
大阪 means Osaka
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everywhere 2009/11/25 09:13
basically they are all over the place. There is a huge one close to Shinjuku station's west exit, for example. If you tell us which areas of the cities you will be in, we can give you specific locations.
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Locations 2009/11/27 00:44
Hi Sira,

Would you be able to advise if UNIQLO stores are located at Shinsainbaishi / Minami area in Osaka and Harujuku.


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uniqlo 2009/11/27 12:04
I am not familiar with Osaka, but the map someone linked to above shows there is a store in Shinsaibashi. In Harajuku, no. You will need to go either to Shibuya (very small store) or Shinjuku (larger stores at West and New South exits).
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Is uniqlo considered cool in Japan? 2009/11/29 14:03
Is uniqlo cool for teens in Japan?

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Osaka answer 2009/11/29 16:31
yo, as for Osaka

follow the link to the map,

but to cut to the chase the biggest one is in Nanba, (shinsaibashi)
There are other ones but this one is 4/5 floors i forget

and I can't tell you about tokyo
but nanba is your best bet, there are other clothing stores in that area worth checking out, my personal favorites are Rage Blue and comme ca ism

Best of wishes
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