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What are some Japanese make-up tips? 2009/11/25 01:12
Hello, My name's Varerii. I'm currently living in the United States but I'm head over heals enthralled with the Japanese culture. I've been into anime, manga, J-pop/J-rock, and all sorts of Japanese trends such as visual kei, lolita(sweet&goth), Harajuku, and FOB Fashion for about the last three years. I'm looking for some Japanese make-up tips that may make me look a bit Asian because I come a Polynesian/European descent and I'm often mistaken for an Asian girl. I know there are many Japanese girls on this site and I was wondering if anyone could please give some advice.
It would mean the absolute world to me!
Thank you, Varu-chan.
by Varerii  

. 2009/11/25 10:37
Try Youtube.
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Jrock make up 2009/12/15 19:42
Why don't you give this tutorial that I found on neomagazine's website a try:

It's Misa's Jrock Makeup Tutorial.
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