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Bring Iaido (sharpless sword) through US 2009/11/25 06:02
United States
Hi. I practice Kendo and Iaido (traditional martial arts with swords) and I was in Japan in january and wanted to buy an Iaito but I didnt knew(still dont) how the US custom check may see my ''sword''.
So didnt buy it affraid it may be ''confiscated'' haha. But my training partner is going to Japan in one month and want to know if he can bring it to my country (Honduras) but the ticket is transiting through US too. can Anyone knows the politics here, guide me? thanks.
by Lord Magus  

aikido web forums? 2009/11/25 20:38
I think you probably get a better reply if you would post your question in one of the aikidou web forums, like this one:
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> Hoshisato 2009/11/26 07:42
Thanks for the hint! I posted it and getting valuable information. Thanks again pal.
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