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Exact location of Zebra Club. 2009/11/25 19:37
What was the exact location of the Zebra Club, in Yokohama, in relation to Yamashita
Park (i.e. north end, south end or distance from the Hotel New Grand), as alot of the buildings have changed and the club no longer exsists. Any pictures of the club, as it was (inside and/or outside), would be helpful. Thanks
by Mike (guest)  

Zebra club 2009/11/26 01:38
The zebra club in the 1960's was located on the North end of Yamashita Park at the corner just around from the Silk Hotel. I once saw a photo of the entrance but cannot find it now. Previously I believe that it was located more "downtown". Many happy memories of those days.
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Re: Exact location of Zebra Club. 2012/4/11 14:10
To confirm Peterfs location, the club was located across from and at the North end of Yamashita Park. I was there many times in 1966 as a young Marine, pulling R&R three times from Viet Nam in 1967. I remember leaving the club, crossing the street going to the park. The park extended to my right, yielding North end.
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