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Cheap wine bars? 2009/11/26 09:41
Tokyo 23-ku
Anyone of of any nice but cheap stand-up wine/tapas bars with good food in central Tokyo? Most of the ones I've been to have invariably ended up being horribly expensive...the wine doesn't have to be Chateau Lafitte, just as long as its reasonably drinkable..
by Billyboy24  

Hiroo 2009/11/26 11:29
Believe it or not, there is a stand bar in Hiroo which has from memory a JPY1800 all you can drink wine for 2hrs...The wine is "ok". I can't remember the name, but basically its at the opposite end of the Hiroo crossing, a couple of doors down from "Homeworks" burgers.
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thanks 2009/11/26 11:45
Thanks for the suggestion, Cheapskate!

I should have added, though, that that southwestern part of town (Hiroo/Ropongi/Azabu/Ebisu) is not good for me, as its a nightmare for commuting back home from, especially if its late...
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bars 2009/11/27 22:06
Most bars serve wine these days. Just take you pick at a convenient location.
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Ginza 2009/12/1 07:31
You might try this one:
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Bangout Noh 2009/12/3 15:04
Bangout Noh in Shibuya is a pretty good stand-up bar with a large wine selection. It's pay as you go so you won't overspend your budget.

Here's the address: Shibuya 1-10-12, Miyagi Bldg 2F.
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