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Recipes to impress Japanese elders? 2009/11/26 15:42
What are some recipes that would really impress any Japanese person? The people I want to cook for are like family to me, and I really want to show them how grateful I am by making a nice home cooked Japanese meal. They've had enough of my random 'throw-anything-together' type meals. Haha Since we live in the U.S., they haven't had a proper Japanese meal in a while, so I want them to know how much I care about them by giving them a taste of home and let them know how much I love Japan. Also, I want to impress my boyfriend(his family are the people I want to cook for). hehe Please help!
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Nikujaga! 2009/11/26 17:47
Nikujaga is the king of homemade Japanese cooking. The secret is to let it cool down once after you've finished cooking it, and then heat it again just before eating. This makes nikujaga a whole lot tastier. Don't forget to cook some plain boiled rice to go with it. Bon appetite!

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agree 2009/11/27 00:14
nikujaga is a fantastic dish and older people (and younger people) will love it.

while you're at it why don't you send me some nikujaga too!? i've been craving it for a while..!
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The best place.. 2009/11/27 23:48
The best place to find Japanese recipes is Justhungry.com. The site is owned and maintained by a native Japanese woman living abroad. She has nikujaga recipes and lots of other Japanese recipes on her "Japanese" tag. I love her recipes. Be sure to read her post on properly preparing rice! I was never able to get my rice right until I read that post.
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Thank you~ 2009/11/28 11:31
I think I will try nikujaga! I'm going to make a test batch so I don't completely mess up. How I have to go shopping~ yay!

And I already know how to make rice. It's probably the only thing I DO know how to make right. haha
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