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Japanese TV on the internet 2009/11/26 20:22
There are several Japanese TV stations on the internet (free). However these are all local or for the younger audience as far as i can see. Does anybody know if NHK or Fuji or another major network is free available on the internet and not limited to viewers in Japan? Also does anybody know an up-to-date list of Japanese internet TV stations (in English)?
And last is there an internet site where you can see old Japanese programs?
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... 2009/11/27 22:38
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Passwords on KeyholeTV 2009/12/6 20:48
A little late but Geogeek1 still thanks for the response.
On KeyholeTV some stations use a login. Nowhere i can find anything on getting a paswoord. Does have anybody an idea how this works?
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Fuji News 2009/12/7 07:11
You can find current Fuji News Clips and a current view of Rainbow Bridge here:

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Keyhole tv 2009/12/7 07:47
I use Keyhole TV from time to time. I haven't had to login or anything. Every channel is available for free. However, although bearable most of the time, the quality is not so great.
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