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Transfer -Nex to Hikari at Tokyo Station 2009/11/27 11:15
Tokyo 23-ku
Will be arriving at the Tokyo station by using NARITA EXPRESS and them transfer to SHINKANSEN HIKARI to Kyoto.

Can I know how long do i need to give my self to do the transfer? I understand Tokyo station is huge and is very complex.

Can someone give some simple instructions on what must i look out for when i exit Narita express and find way to the Hikari platform.

The maps provided by JR is a bit complicated. Is there a simple one with the floor layout?

by S6656  

Shinagawa 2009/11/27 12:03
If possible try to catch the NEx which stops at Shinagawa: the transfer there is SO much easier: all Hikaris trains stop at Shinagawa.

When you book your seats at Narita Airport ask them about this as an option.

Tokyo and Shinagawa stations are very well signed in English: it is just a smoother and quicker transfer at Shinagawa: less distance to lug suitcases etc
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Interchange 2009/11/27 12:07

JR recommends allowing 15 minutes to transfer between the Narita Express and the Shinkansen platforms, as they are some way apart. When you get off the Narita Express train, you should follow the signs to the "Tokaido Shinkansen" (the shinkansen line for Kyoto). Everything is signposted in English so it's not that difficult, but if you are daunted by large stations, you might want to consider catching the Narita Express to Shinagawa Station, rather than Tokyo Station, as the interchange to the shinkansen for Kyoto is much easier there.
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RE: N'EX to Tokaido Shinkansen 2009/11/27 14:29
Tokaido Shinkansen is operated by JR-Central.
Other JR lines around Tokyo are operated by JR-East.

In Tokyo Station, the both JR companies have Shinkansen transfer gates. You have to choose a correct transfer gate for Tokaido Shinkansen.

As long as you have reserved your Shinkansen seat, Shinagawa Station is far better for your purpose. Shinagawa is the second station from Tokyo on Tokaido Shinkansen, which is the only Shinkansen line available from Shinagawa. You just have to find a Shinkansen transfer gate.

In case you can not get to Shinagawa on the earliest N'EX train
: If you have large baggage, then try reservation for another N'EX train.
: One option is to get off at Tokyo and take a Local train from the same platform (at Sobu Underground Track 1 or 2) for about 10 minutes to Shinagawa. In this case, you might have to take a HIKARI train later than the earliest one you could catch in Tokyo.

- JR-Central: Shinagawa Station: Map
Your N'EX or Local train uses Track 14 or Track 15. You can go up by escalator either to north pathway or to south pathway.
JR-Central uses an orange logo shown in the left of this image. Find this logo and/or a sign "Tokaido Shinkansen."


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thanks 2009/11/29 01:32
Found a excellent website with details & photos to guide you:

Anyway decided to do the transfer at Shinagawa Station

Thanks for the inputs
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by omotenashi 2009/11/29 08:02
Does the saying "KISS" ring any bells for you.
The simple answer is go to Shinagawa on the NEX to avoid the long walk at Tokyo.
I know how to do it but after reading your answer it started to sound difficult and complicated.
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