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Dinner in Ginza area 2009/11/28 11:45
Tokyo 23-ku
I will bring a group (15 pax) to Tokyo, and still searching a Japanese restaurant for dinner at Ginza area. No fancy restaurant, as budget per pax is approx 1500 - 1600 yen. Anybody can give suggestion for the Japanese restaurant around Ginza?
by tamago16  

Re: Dinner in Ginza area 2009/11/28 18:40
I would suggest to go to Shinbashi that is next to Ginza where there are lots of fun restaurants that don't cost you your shirt. The area opposite the JR Station, or the road along the JR tracks have plenty of izakaya restaurants, frequented by Japanese salarymen, where you can order as much or as little as your wallet allows you.
by Hoshisato rate this post as useful

Dinner in Ginza- not for 1,500 yen. 2009/11/28 23:04
You are very much heading to the wrong area of Tokyo if you want dinner for 1,500 yen- Ginza is about the most expensive area of Tokyo to eat in. Consider a different area, like Shimbashi as above. Even then, it is hard to eat dinner for that price anywhere other than at fast food places or family restaurants, or perhaps the under-the-train tracks grilled chicken places. Most of those can't seat that number of people though.

Dinner at a typical Japanese restaurant in Ginza would be more likely to cost 15,000 yen per person than 1,500 yen.
by Sira (guest) rate this post as useful

dinner at ginza 2009/11/29 15:17
Thanks, guys. I will search around Shimbashi area.
by tamago16 rate this post as useful

.... 2009/11/30 09:55
To stay within that budget for dinner, you'll probably have to go to a fast food place. And don't expect to sit all together.
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