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How to write adress on letter to JP? 2009/11/29 08:47
Hello!! ive been having trouble with this for the past two months. I sent the first letter, but my friend never received it. maybe im writting it wrong?
im not sure. he doesnt know his postal code either. so i really REALLY need help!!
pleasseeee help!!
heres the address:

saitama ken fukaya shi higashikata cho xxx
by Gisselle (guest)  

. 2009/11/29 12:24
Did you write the word JAPAN on the final line so the post office knows what country to send it to?

Any case the postal code is

The area is Higashigata (not kata)

Write your letter like this:
Person's name
xxxxxx address, Higashigata cho
Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture

That's how I usually do it and it works fine for me, some people write it with minor differences, however as long as you get the house number right and postal code you should be ok.
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info edit. 2009/11/29 12:48
oh thank you!
uhmm really its higashigata?
he must have given me the wrong info then.

also theres the part where he gives me the street name and the apartment number and thats:

5555 Grand Artu Katou 111

do i just write it like that??
i think the 111 is the apartment number
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