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Famous or Good food in Osaka? 2009/11/30 02:05
Osaka City
Hi to all,

My hubby and I will be going to Osaka in december for holiday. And we will be staying in Shinsaibashi area.

Heard Osaka's is where u will find the best Japanese cuisine. So I would like to know if you know of any restaurant, or area, or road stalls, that sells yummy Japanese food?

We will like to try Shabu Shabu n Kobe beef too... is there any reccommendation?

Is there any other famous food that we shld try in Osaka?

Lastly, is there any romantic restaurant that has good view? Or like a observatory deck restuarant kinda thingy. Or a restaurant on a high floor that offers fantastic view...

Any recommendation will be much appreciated. Thank you...!!!
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Good food in Osaka 2009/11/30 15:33
Yes, Osaka does, in my opinion, have some of the best food in Japan (well, the parts I've been to so far).

As far as specific recommendations, it depends on how much money you want to spend. Traditionally, Osaka is known for its crab restaurants and fugu also, I believe. They are hard to miss, as many of them have huge, plastic fugu or crab signs outside, when walking down dotombori street.

However, the crab and fugu places tend to be a bit pricey.

On the streets on both the Namba shopping area and dotombori, there are many street food stalls, most of which sell Okonomiyaki or "Octopus Balls". They have chopped up octopus in a sort of potato pancake mixture. I'm not a huge fan of squid or octopus because it tends to be a bit chewy, but I make an exception when in Osaka, because it's always good there! This is a cheaper alternative to trying good food in Osaka!

Last year when we were there, Chinese food was becoming quite big in Osaka, and there were big lines to get into a few of them in the Namba area. We didn't try it, so I can't tell you how it was, but it looked good, and was available as sit-down or take-away from a street cart setup in front of the restaurant!

Heck, we even had some Okonomiyaki cooked fresh out of a street vending machine last year and it was pretty good!

Don't worry, you won't starve there, that's for sure.

For a quick snack, I always like a sort of bagel dog with seeded mustard, sold at Choco-cro, a chain cafe located in many locations throughout Japan.

We've also become big fans of a place called Ringer Hut, which has an Okinawan Oyster Sauce sort of chow-mein dish with crunchy fried noodles in it. Very warming on a cold day.

Anyway, that's a few non-specifics. I haven't had any food that wasn't good in Japan yet, so be adventurous, if it looks good, pop in and give it a try!
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Let me correct myself! 2009/11/30 18:14
Sorry, let me correct myself. I meant Takoyaki, not Okonomiyaki... although Okonomiyaki is good too, but it's Takoyaki which is specifically popular in Osaka.
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street food 2009/12/2 03:23
The street food in Osaka is great. When I was there, we had great ramen and takoyaki in Dotonburi. Also, during winter, taiyaki is "in season" and street vendors will be making it nice, fresh & hot. There is also yakitori and all other sorts of good eats. The best things was the prices, it was all relatively inexpensive.
All the "expensive" type foods we ate at home, cooked by Okaasan, so I cant help you in regards to other restaurants.
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In my opinion 2009/12/2 03:52
Mrs. EG

My very first trip to Japan was to Osaka for the December Holidays and New years. It is a great time to be there. Just remember that if you plan to be there at the end of the month or early January, many public places close for the holiday period.

That being said... In my opinion Osaka has some GREAT food. They love to eat there and they do not settle for bad food.

The area you will be staying at is near right in the center of Minami and you will have many choices. You will also be near Dōtombori Arcade just outside of the Namba Station. A lot of food and shopping. I love to eat small bits here and there rather than eating full meals during the day.

My all time favorite dish and something Osaka is known for is okonomiyaki (it is like a pancake with good stuff in it). There are many places to eat this but there is a place called Chibo in the area. (1-5-5 Dōtombori Chūō-ku, Minamai)

What is great is that many restaurants display food in there windows, so you can see what they offer before you go in.

As for romantic dinning, I suggest that you ask the hotel for a recommendation or pick up a copy of the Lonely Planet Osaka guide. (I only mention Lonely Planet because I use them and I am certain that you can purchase other guides that you will like.)

Enjoy your trip

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