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Obtain a gas yakatori-style grill 2009/11/30 09:09
circular in design, propane tank driven. Grill built into table, suitable for 4-6 persons. Saw a similar grill table while on a trip to IE Island, off coast of Okinawa, Japan. Grill table great for outdoor dinner socials. Comments, suggestions, etc!!!! help please, thanks,
by R. Brown (guest)  

.... 2009/12/1 09:11
If it can't be found at Tokyu Hands, it might have to be special ordered.
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outdoor grill table 2009/12/2 11:17
I made my own outdoor grill table. it seats 4 to 10 people and it's portable, simple and cheap to make. I use charcoal but a gas grill would work also. if you're interested I'd be happy to send you some photo's.
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Also looking for this info 2010/2/8 06:19
R.Brown: I have found photos on the web when I searched for yakiniku grill. I want to by one of these as well, but can not find a supplier yet. I have found restaurants that have this in Hawaii and New York, USA. There must be a supplier somewhere!
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. 2010/2/8 11:13
I am not sure what you are looking at.
For Yakitori, charcoal hibachi in rectangular shape is best. I will be making soon a smaller family size. For Yakiniku, better to have a water tray to catch the grease. But I have a cast iron round top plate for Korean BBQ.
If you want the gas stove with butane canister, buy at sporting/camping shops or Japanese/Chinese supermarkets in US. Recently I bought my three kids each at US$16 w/ carry case. With it, we make also shabu-shabu, oden, nabemono in clay pot, etc.
I also bought one for outback camping at a sporting shop in Australia.
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