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Christmas Cards 2009/11/30 23:01
Tokyo 23-ku
Is there anywhere that I can buy Christmas cards, in Tokyo - Meguro or Shibuya area by the box, say 20-40 per box? Cheap as possible as well please.
by John153 (guest)  

Shibuya 2009/12/1 13:05
In Shibuya, you could check out Loft. You can get them in a pack, and perhaps in boxes, too.
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Thank you for your reply. 2009/12/1 13:19
Hi Jou, Thank you for your reply. I'll give Loft a try although on previous visits there I only noticed individual cards. Maybe I was walking around with my eyes closed ... LOL!
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. 2009/12/1 13:36
Ito-ya in Ginza also offers a wide range of Christmas cards.
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Christmas cards 2009/12/1 13:51
I've never seen box sets of cards in Loft or Tokyu Hands either. You will probably need to try Costco or order via the internet.
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From Googling 2009/12/1 14:41
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Thank you very much everyone. 2009/12/1 16:15
I was hoping for somewhere local but I'm not sure that Ito-ya do them in boxes. It's worth a try but I think it'll be the same as Dave says for Loft or Tokyu Hands.

When I get to the stage of desperation I'll probably order using your links Uco. If only I hadn't forgotten to bring some from the UK like I normally do. Oh well, se la vie.
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