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Contact lens prescription price quote 2009/12/1 23:29
I've been quoted 10,000Yen for a contact lens prescription in Tokyo (first place I went in to). I'm staying in Japan longer than expected and have run out of contact lenses. Is this the going rate for a non-resident examination in Japan? I was expecting something in the region of 2-5000Yen as back home in the UK.

It seems a lot to pay considering I'm only after a 2 week supply :-( and that the prescription probably won't be valid in the UK
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Shouldn't be that expencive 2009/12/2 14:07
10,000 Yen does sound to expensive. Usually you have to have some kind of examination befor you get a prescription. I also don't have insurance and usually pay around 3,000 Yen. Then you can get the contact lenses. I spend about 2,000 Yen per eye for one day contacts.
Maybe they told you the total price?
Ask around, there must be some cheaper place. Good luck!
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Answer 2009/12/17 01:24
In case anyone else is in the same predicament I got a month's supply of contact lenses for 3500Yen from an opticians store in Akihabara which had some English speaking staff. It's by the Central Gate entrance to the JR station and is a large 5 or 6 storey shop.
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