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SweetS - jpop girl group (12-13 y/o) 2004/7/11 22:50
About a month ago, they hit the top ten the first day on the Oricon charts with their single Grow into shinin' stars. I'm wondering if Japan finally caught on to this talented group of girls (their previous singles did rather poorly on the charts in comparison to that recent single that was released) Ironically I find their music was a lot better when they first started. I'm wondering if Japan prefers SweetS going for something that is suitable for their ages instead of trying to achieve that blatant lolita image they've been using ever since their debut. I think that may have affected the sales somewhat, but I'm still unsure.

Anyway, I think they dance and sing very well for their age (they don't lip-sync) They remind me very much of SPEED and BoA if they were merged together and seperated to form five little girls. Their ages range from 12-13, and are signed to AVEX TRAX. They have some of the best people working with them: SAM from trf is their choreographer (Namie Amuro's ex-husband/choreographer, has worked with BoA too), MAX Matsuura is their executive producer (the guy behind Speed and MAX) and BOUNCEBACK composes and writes a great majority of their songs (they have worked with Hamasaki, BoA, Shimatani, EXILE, etc.)

I'm curious to know what Japan thinks of them? They have quite a following outside Japan with the online community. Have you heard of them? They've only debuted just a while ago, so it won't be too surprising if you've never heard of them. =)
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I LOVE SweetS 2004/7/20 13:51
Im not giving an answer. im giving a paragrapgh something like that.Yeah and im a BiG BiG BiG more than Big its humongouse FAN of yours. I listin to your music every day and day. My favorite song of yours is the LOVE LIKE CANDY FLOSS. Man that song is the Best. i even have the movie clip of that.since i love it so much. ok
please mail me ok
in USA wausau wi ok kool

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SweetS LOVER 2004/8/1 23:51
I am the biggest SweetS fan ever!! hahahahahahahaha!! i been on so many different sites. its been really cool. the best songs are Tear Lemon Drop, Lolita, and Rasberry Juice. I think the Hottest one is Ayaka Yoshimura. The music videos are the best. they look so hot!! well this it. SweetS (^-^)
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Yeahh...SweeeTERR everyday than Suga' 2004/8/20 21:59
I like sweeet..huick, expecially in fact they still soo young, just imagine if they really grow into shinin' star. Energetic fine lolita who can dance and sing almost perfect, made me turn around even when i see BoA in actions, sometimes ..:D Hope they will find their own style and keep kewl next!!
go go,//Aya Miori Haruna Aki and Mai !!:p
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SweetS are the BEST!!!!! GO SWEETS!!! 2004/8/27 08:01
HI Everyone!!!!

SweetS are the BOMB!! It even makes BoA look bad. All their dance moves are so incredible!! I listen and watch their video clips 24/7. Thats how GREAT they are!!!!

Out of all of them. I like Ayaka Yoshimura the BEST!!!! She has the VOICE! Thats my opinon. I think the best video clip is Tear Lemon Drop. Well I think all their video clips are GREAT!!!! They all are very HOTT!!! I bet all of them would really GREAT models.

I really want their emails. Only if they have it though. They are so young, but sooo beautiful. I cant resist them at all!!!Well I can talk and talk more about them, but i cant soo laters. If you have any website or info about them. Please email me ok. thanks bye
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SweetS ROCKS!! 2004/10/16 04:35
THey are sooo incredibley KOOL! im so amazed by their talents and the fact that they're only my age is soooo Great! i enjoy watching their videos and listening to their music because it's just so full of charisma and excitement! The girls really bring my spirits up when i see them.
I was so shocked when i looked at their profiles! i was like.. "omg! they're only my age". =D
I'll always LUV SweetS and i cany wait for their up comming tracks and surprises in the future.

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sweets are ok 2004/12/4 17:44
they seem to try to become that adult image even though they are actually like 14-15 now... saying that still makes me a little chilly.. heh

but by no means does that mean their music is bad... but its so hard to get their songs from the internet, im not a fan yet, but i could be if i could get some mp3's

anyone want to suggest ways i could get a hold of some mp3s... cause kazaa sux and winmx is bad
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Sky (APX Klubmix) 2004/12/10 20:18
I have remixed Sky. Check it out

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hey 2005/1/16 23:46
I hope to hear more SweetS remixes from you, APX! That remix was really awesome!!!
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question 2005/1/30 20:27
I've seen a SweetS video, and I liked the song. The title says it's "Grow into Shinin' Stars" but when I tried downloading like 1/2 of the song, I don't think that's the one I've watched. I think they must've put in the wrong title or something. I was just wondering if any body knew the title. The video had a very dominant orange color to it.
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Grow into shinin' stars... 2005/1/31 08:11
ria: "Grow into shinin' stars" is the correct title. Are SweetS wearing white or black outfits and dance in front of a huge telescope in that video? I think the song you downloaded was named incorrectly or something.
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grow into shinin' stars 2005/1/31 10:07
Yup, I think it was the correct song. I'm thinking that the video was the one named incorrectly. I can remember that they were wearing white in the video, orange background, and they were dancing around while the lead was playing with a guitar. Does anybody recognize this?
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SweetS Videos 2005/2/7 13:27
guitar and orange background? sorry, but i don't think they have a video that uses a guitar. You can download some of their videos at http://www.sweetsdesu.com/media.htm
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SweeteST . !! =)))) 2005/2/22 11:16
i love sweetsssss !!
=)))))))))) FIGHTING GIRLS !!
thye have cool dance skillzzz =))) ^^!!!
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a website of SweetS 2005/5/26 16:49
his is my website
Welcome to see!!!
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SweetS are the best! 2008/5/6 09:52
SweetS are the best!!
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SweetS 2008/11/10 10:54
Wow - Raspberry Juice is ONO AWESOME!!!Yah - it's hard to find anything but JServer was playing that tune today
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