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Beautiful in Japanese? 2004/7/11 22:51
How do I say "Beautiful" in Japanese? A friend of mine got a tattoo and I want to now how to say it in Japanese for her.
by Darcy Toews  

Kirei 2004/7/12 16:40
I know this, I know this! :D It's kirei.
by Kristian rate this post as useful

shes right 2004/7/12 21:11
Except if your American the first E is long pronounce it KI REE
by REDRUM36 rate this post as useful

2004/7/12 23:46
"Kirei" is certainly "beautiful", but I doubt that a tattoo says "kirei". If it does, it would be pretty tacky. Is it perhaps the symbol shown on my title? If you can't read the font, is it the symbol shown before tha @ mark in the following website's up-left corner?

If so, it's read "bi". The Chinese probably have a different way of reading it.
If it's not this symbol, post a photo or some kind of example. There are many words to discribe beauty.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Agree with Uco 2004/7/13 00:47
When I read the first post, my immediate reaction was also "" instead of kirei.
In Chinese it is pronounced as "may".
by Mark rate this post as useful

beautiful=kiree or kirei=bi 2004/7/13 02:24
everyones are right. but if your question means how to say "oh,you got a beautiful tatto. i like it."in japanese,we say "kiree" or "kirei". it is for conversation(speaking). I'm sorry my english is not good.
by mei rate this post as useful

bi 2004/7/13 14:42
Just want to point out that the "bi" is not pronounced as "by" but more like "be" but a little shorter.

But maybe it could be kirei "Y" I don't think it looks tacky at all.

So the question is: how many characters is your friend's tatoo?
by Lynn rate this post as useful

oh.... 2004/7/13 14:59
Silly me. So you want to say, "(Your tattoo looks) beautiful!" Then "kirei" is the word. Or "kakko ii (cool!)" might be appropriate for most tattoos.
by Uco rate this post as useful

kakkoii 2004/7/15 03:55
kakkoee means cool. i think thats the best thing to say. everyone likes to know that their tatoo is cool : )kirei means pretty. you could say " totemo kirei desu" which means it is very pretty.
by shoili rate this post as useful

Really? 2004/7/19 10:28
Everyone here said to say "Kirei" which means "Pretty," but if you're trying to say "Beautiful" then that is "Utsukushii."
by Phil rate this post as useful

How to say??? 2007/2/21 02:56
How do you say "Hello beautiful how are you" in japanese.
by Jesus rate this post as useful

Heh 2007/2/21 06:10
Uruwashii and utsukushii if you want to refer to her as a beautiful and lovely person.
by Yotsuba rate this post as useful

beautiful 2008/8/12 09:51
by christina rate this post as useful

to original question 2008/8/12 14:40
Very interesting threads, because this shows quite difficulties of Japanese words. He perhaps asked that "how can i say [your tatoo's beautiful] in Japanese?" or what. In this case, I recommend to say " Anata no tatoo wa *suteki* desu." means " your tatoo's nice(and cool)."
Why I use "suteki=nice" here because "utukushii" isn't used so often in oral communications. This will be more literary and formal. "Anata no tatoo wa *kirei* desu" is certainly appropriate, but sounds distant. IOW, the word "suteki" contains a speaker's honest feeling, and "kirei" seems descriptive. However, "kirei" is a good expression.
Though "utukushii" is a literally beautiful word itself, when we get this word as a compliment, we'll be embarrassed.
I know such a question is always hard to come to an end. After all, whatever is fine if you like it.
by ....! rate this post as useful

Bi 2008/8/12 23:01
Someone suggested "Bi" (bee), but Bi alone means Beauty.
Bijin (bee jeen) means beautiful woman. Hardly appropriate for a tattoo!
by Dick H rate this post as useful

Beautiful 2008/11/13 17:43


i'm pretty shore that's how to say it. so says about like 10 other websites.
by julie rate this post as useful

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