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Very mini skirts and string bikinis 2009/12/5 21:53
Although very mini skirts for teenagers and young women are ubiquitous, I hardly find very mini skirts for pre-teens around my age. Gap is about the only store that carries very mini skirts for younger set. Gap is pricey in Japan so I wanna know if other kids' clothing stores carry them?

Also string bikinis. Do stores not sell them for 11-12 yr olds?! Most of the undies for 11-12 age group are full cut briefs.
by Janice (guest)  

clothing 2009/12/6 08:21
Basically you won't find things like string bikinis for 11-12 year olds much in Japan- even for adults string bikinis don 't seem to be all that common here, people cover up a bit more, and people might consider a string bikini inappropriate for a preteen. Probably for the same reason, very short skirts for girls your age will mostly only be at foreign brand stores as well.
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