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Quebec Matsutake 2009/12/6 08:46
Hi Japan ,
I pick matsutake with native tribes in Quebec.They are Japanese cousins,ancient Siberian tribes. Our Matsutake is co-identical with the japanese, like the Sweeden or Finland ones. Whow much does those Matsutakes are sold for. We are the only ones in Canada to have that species. Or do any one know the price of Quebec Matsutake. They have been sold in Japan this year.
Thank you
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matsutake 2009/12/7 05:13
According to several mushroom sites on the internet none of the Matsutake found in North America (we have lots in BC and they sell very well in Japan) are similar to those in Japan.
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sold at 1000 or 1300 yen per 100 gram 2009/12/7 19:35
I have found this article, the Sankei web news (14th September 2007).
It said:
16ton of matsutake had been imported from Canada by airplane. Those would be sold at 1000 or 1300 yen per 100 gram.
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Quebec Matsutake 2009/12/8 00:59
We know about Canadian Matsutake being exported to Japan but their kind is the same as USA Matsutake. Lately genetic tests were made and Matsutake found in Quebec are co-identical with Japanese Matsutake. It is the same genetic as the Matsutakes from Finland or Sweden so the price should reflect that. My question is does anybody knows the price of Matsutake from Sweden and Finland on Japanese market ?
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mmm 2009/12/9 21:02
Few readers of this forum may know that in detail because matsutake are too expensive for common family (me as a poverty person too).
However, no website said European matsutake are sold at higher price than Canadian one. (But I guess both of them were sold at cheaper price than Japanese matsutake.)

By the way this website (and Wikipedia Japan too) said
"The Swedish matsutake and the Japanese matsutake are the same species".
(In near future someone might claim that their matsutake should be given the same position as Japanese matsutake.)
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