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Question on Eyelids... 2009/12/7 09:41
I want to know how to create "single eyelids" without surgery. Makeup also won't work very well for it on me. I'm not trying to sound weird or anything, but I want to blend in better when I go to Japan. If you can help me on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I offended anyone...
by Emi93  

. 2009/12/7 11:38
There are many Japanese people who have double eyelids. I was forever told I looked like Anne Lewis:( It is not your eyelids that help you "blend in"... I think it is open mindedness and enthusiastic attitude that makes a difference.
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. 2009/12/7 14:14
This question reminds me of the days when immigrants of Japanese ancestry were given an advantage on working visas. TV showed some South Americans who went through plastic surgery just to "look Japanese." Sure, they looked exactly like "a Japanese that a South American would imagine" but not at all like "a Japanese that a Japanese would imagine."

If you want to blend in, follow the fashion trends like hair-do, clothings and make-up. But personally, I don't think it's so important to blend in in terms of looks.
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blend in 2009/12/7 16:27
Considering that you've listed mixed ethnicity on your profile, the last think that will make you stand out are your double eyelids. A much easier, cheaper, and safer method would be to adjust your fashion as people have mentioned. Basically unless you are of Japanese heritage then blending in will be very difficult if not impossible, and once you get here you'll realize that its not really all that important.
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Sorry For My Weird Questions... 2009/12/8 05:13
It's actually just a personal thing. I understand what you all mean, and I'm so sorry if I offended anyone. It's just that they're just kind of sunken in. And it's really kind of ugly. I just thought maybe an eye massage or something would make it look better...? Because I tried it, and they look kind of better (or it could just be me). I think they used to look different before, if my memory is correct. I don't know. So sorry for the weird question... I would feel so bad if I came across wrong... ^_^;;;
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eyelids 2009/12/8 07:32
Plenty of Japanese people have "double eyelids", my husband included. If you are East Asian and not Japanese, you will blend in fairly well anyway, but unless you speak perfect Japanese people will realise you are foreign as soon as you open your mouth in any case. If you are not 100% Asian then it will not be just your eyelids that make you stand out.

Eyelids are the least of your worries when moving to a different country, honestly. If you are not a native Japanese speaker then focus on your Japanese skills instead, as that will help you fit in a lot more than having different eyelids.
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So it's a personal thing 2009/12/8 08:37

You have to admit that as you get older the fat around your eyes tend to decrease, therefore making it look sort of ''sunken in.'' Or when you're tired the same thing may happen.

Why not consult to a beautitian. For example, a cosmetic store clerk or even a hair stylist might do. If you're old enough to wear make-up, putting on ''highlight'' might work, too. Or you can also try trimming your eye brows, because eye brows makes an even bigger impression than the eyes.
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Thank you! 2009/12/8 09:44
I might see a beautician soon anyway, because I need to cut my hair. I plucked my eyebrows just yesterday, actually. My mom plucks her eyebrows, too, and she said it looked really good, so that was a big compliment! And highlighting makeup does not work too well on my upper lid... It is still weird looking, maybe more so. Any advice on that? And thank you all again! You made me realise that I do not need to be a certain way to be accepted by people. I just could relate really well with people from Asia, but I could never find a group of friends at school because I am not Asian (so far, I know I am Caucasian and Native American, though this one guy thought I was Japanese once). And I also really love Japanese culture, so you know... But I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself anymore... Thank you so much for helping me! You helped a ton! : )
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Uh... 2009/12/11 06:07
And, yeah, I feel stupid... XD

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