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Is it rude to heat up expensive sake? 2009/12/9 05:39
Would it sacrifice the 'expensive' smell and taste etc? Thanks guys
by PapaCuppa  

... 2009/12/9 08:57
Yes, it is a culinary crime. Like heating up wine. I strongly recommend against heating up and ginjo or daiginjo.
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.. 2009/12/9 09:53
Totally agree with Uji san. If you really have to though, warm up to body temperature and no higher in any case.
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not a matter of being expensive 2009/12/9 09:54
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it has nothing to do with the sake being "expensive" or not. The "types" of sake called ginjo-shu or dai-ginjo-shu are to be served perfectly cold, while types like honjozo-shu or junmaishu-shu mostly can be served either cold or warm.

If you heat sake that is suitable for cold servings, you will ruin its flavour that the providers worked so hard to provide. For more details on which sake is suitable for what, ask the waiter or shop clerk.
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... 2009/12/10 01:04
Great stuff, thankyou
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