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Yakiniku at Gyu-Gaku 2009/12/9 20:50

Is Gyu-Gaku recommended for yakiniku? I'm looking at the shop in West Shinjuku.

If u have tried before, pls do give your comments and whether u recommend it?

by Holidaygal22 (guest)  

not bad 2009/12/12 21:30
It's not bad. Reasonable prices, satisfactory service, satisfactory taste. And for this reason it's a well patronized chain restaurant.
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Decent 2009/12/13 11:51
It's decent. I used to go there when I felt too lazy to get on the train and didn't feel like leaving my neighborhood.

Food is decent, prices are ok, I personally prefer smaller/independent restaurants but service is decent, usually really crowded in the evenings.
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Not so good 2009/12/15 00:29
Gyukaku will be OK if you want to taste yakiniku reasonably, but if you want to have delicious yakiniku, and If you are prepared to pay more than 5,000 yen, I recommend Jojoen.
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