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Sansyoku-Sansun-Bashi 2009/12/10 00:00
Hi, can anyone tell me what is the buffet about coz i can't find any details in the web... wat kind of buffet food do they serve for lunch?
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It must be "Sanshaku-sansun-bashi" 2009/12/10 13:20
I think it must be "三尺三寸箸(Sanjaku-sansun-bashi)",produced by a famous restaurant chain called "柿安(Kakiyasu)".
I hope the lilnk below will help you.

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Yes this is it! 2009/12/10 16:54
Hi thank you!!! Although it is all in japanese.. but the pics say a thousand words! thanks for your help! oh btw... is the buffet lunch of 1800yen nett? or wat other charges will there be?
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Sanjaku-Sansun-Bashi 2009/12/10 19:16
I don't think there is an addtional charge such as tabel charge etc.
Please see the Gurunabi link below as your reference. The link is Ikebukuro branch.(Sorry this is all in Japanese again...)

Please don't ask me how delicious it is, cos I haven't tried yet.(^^;)
All dishes seem very warm, hearty and healthy.
I want to try someday.
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Thank you Poki 2009/12/11 01:15
Hi Poki you have been most helpful. This forum is great and it's even better when there's people like you around! :)
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