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What type of bread is more popular? 2009/12/10 01:00
Hello all,

Im curious as to what bread is more popular in Japan, white or brown?

Im assuming its white but Japan is known for its healthy diet.

by PapaCuppa  

bread 2009/12/10 11:31
White bread is overwhelmingly more popular in Japan, especially if you are talking about shokupan (what you might refer to as sandwich bread).
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White 2009/12/10 15:32
White bread, to the point that proper brown bread is actually almost impossible to find. There is no real concept here of white bread as unhealthy.
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Brown Bread 2009/12/10 16:35
Brown bread really is almost impossible to find. I have this one brand I usually purchased at the store (Pasco) but it didn't taste very good, nor did it taste like it was whole grain bread.

That being said though, brown rice seems really popular in Japan and hopefully brown bread catches on in the near future too.
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