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Is Unadon avaible at Sukiya-Yoshinoya? 2009/12/10 04:02
because in the web site they don't show any more these two dishes.. I'm travelling to Tokyo next month and i'd really like to taste Unadon and other dishes with eel
by laura (guest)  

unadon 2009/12/10 11:47
Unagi is a seasonal dish and most places, including Sukiya and Yoshinoya, only serve it in the summer. You may be able to find specialty unagi shops that serve unadon year round though, which should taste better than Sukiya/Yoshinoya unadon anyway. Be aware that it can be relatively expensive, and 1500-2500 wouldn't be atypical for an Unadon lunch set.
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Thank you but.. 2009/12/11 15:45
do you know some chain wich sell unadon or unagi for a reasonable price? for esample.. 600-700 Yen for an unadon..I'm visiting Tokyo
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unadon 2009/12/11 16:03
Sorry, I don't. If you're dying for Unagi then I'd be on the lookout for specialty Unagi shops as the chain restaurants only seem to carry it when it is in season. Maybe other posters can direct you to one, as the only ones I've been to aren't near Tokyo.
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.. 2009/12/12 06:56
I ate at this place in Shinbashi last summer and thought it was pretty good for 500 yen (lunchtime price only):

I don't have any English links, sorry.

You're not going to get a terrific unadon for 600-700 yen, but you can pay a lot more than that and still not get a terrific unadon.
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For a true unagi experience 2009/12/15 06:15
I am a unagi-lover; however, I never expect a decent unadon for a 500 yen! A proper unagi would take 30 minutes or so to roast over a charcoal and not over a gas-buner; it would cost at least 1500-2500 Yen. Otherwise, it's medically treated overseas import unagi-like something. If you insist on eating a cheaper unagi, then you should go to one of the department store basements and there should be a shop selling unagi meals for takeaway.
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