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Tokyo during new year, where to eat? 2009/12/12 20:19
Tokyo 23-ku
i've read that many shops can be closed during new year (i think is from the 31st to the 3rd of January) where can I eat? shops in center of Shibuya and Shinuku are closed? i mean Department Store.. and chains like Mac donald's and Yoshinoya are closed?
by laura (guest)  

... 2009/12/13 08:02
It is only January 1 when closures are widespread. On all the other days, there should still be plenty of open restaurants. And even on January 1 you will not starve. If you struggle to find open restaurants, head to one of the big shopping districts which is open on January 1, such as Roppongi Hills, Shiodome or Odaiba.
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.... 2009/12/13 08:21
Convenience stores and hotel restaurants will be open.
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And what about.. 2009/12/13 19:53
Chains like Yoshinoya, GyuKaku, Mc Donald's etc? Are open on the 1st January usually?
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open 2009/12/13 21:58
McDonald's and Yoshinoyas will definitely be open, along with a lot of family restaurants, e.g. Jonathan, Royal Host and Denny's. Many of these are actually 24 hours, and that includes New Year's Day. Convenience stores will also be open.

Gyukaku I'm not sure about, as I don't know them well.
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r u sure? 2009/12/13 22:18
IIRC, McD was closed on New Year's Day last year. Who wants to eat at Mickey D's on the most important holiday of the year? I would check up on that if I were u. Most people are with family and friends eating osechi ryouri (special New Year's food).
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probably open 2009/12/14 08:12
..... guest above, are you saying that every McDs in the country was closed last year, or just the one(s) you saw? I am fairly sure that quite a number of McDs are open 365 days a year, and I think I might even have been to one on Jan 1st a few years back, because not much else was open.
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Near Shrines and Temples 2009/12/14 14:23

We were also worried that nothing would be open on New Years Day, the first year we went to Japan during this period.

Don't worry about it at all, and if you don't want McDonald's or "western" "fast food" type food, just head to one of the many shrines or temples.

It is such a big day for the Japanese to visit shrines and temples on January 1st, that everything around these areas is always open.

We have come across some of the most lovely, small, mom & pop Japanese style food places on these days. It's great!

The holiday period this year is from December 28th to January 4th. This means that many sights will be closed during this period and all businesses will pretty much be closed. However, shopping and eating is very much intact during this time and will not be a problem except for January 1st when I recommend a shrine or temple area.

Please also be aware that December 30th and January 4th are the hotspots for taking long distance trains. If you plan to travel on one of these days, beware, and be sure you have booked a seat well in advance, or you may end up traveling standing room only for several hours if you can get on a train at all!
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