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Pants: Waist to Hip ratio 2009/12/13 18:34
My waist is 25'' and hips 38''. Will I have a hard time finding decent fitting pants in Japan with my waist to hip ratio?

At most stores here in the U.S. such as Gap, I'm a size 2 curvy (can't fit size 2 regular)
by Oshiri Dekai (guest)  

difficult 2009/12/13 22:08
They don't sell "curvy" versions of clothes here I'm afraid, only regular! With your waist to hip ratio, it is likely that just about everything you try on will gape at the waist I'm afraid. My waist is 27, hips are 35, and I have enough trouble finding things that fit at the hips but don't gape at the waist, if that gives you any idea.
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