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Matcha tea in vancouver? 2009/12/15 03:59
Where do the Japanese living in Vancouver buy their Ceremonial Matcha tea for a reasonable price?
by Captain Jack (guest)  

matcha 2009/12/16 08:58
Matcha is not a popular tea drink even in Japan. People more often drink sencha or one of the other varieties of green tea. I suspect those that do drink would have it sent by family/friends from Japan.
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Matcha 2009/12/16 18:37
Actual l quite a few places sell Matcha in Vancouver, though I can vouch for the quality of matcha in each place. Fujiya (a company that sell lots and lots of Japanese foodstuff ) on Clark at Venables and Muzi are the 2 that come to mind.
check http://www.teamuse.com/article_080603.html

Even my favorite bodybuilding supplies store (Body Energy Club, 746 Davie near Howe) sell matcha and even make shakes with it!
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