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Diet 2009/12/18 12:55
I am very interested in learning to eat the way oriental people does.
I believe it's healthy and it is possible to eat that way in the long term, much more that as a diet to lose weight.I do need to lose weight but a change of lifestyle is what I am looking for.
I will be really thanked if you can share with me the way Japanese people eat during the day, breakfast lunch snacks and dinner
I read many books but nothing compares to the real experience, that I haven't had yet unfortunately
Thanks for sharing =)
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..... 2009/12/18 14:27
Basically, the Japanese have had a macrobiotic diet with a concentration on seafood. But that's changing as the fast food industry tries to force a high fat, low nutrition diet on the Japanese.
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some differences 2009/12/20 19:07
although i am not japanese, i am an asian of "skinny" build(61kg at 172cm). I could tell you the most important thing with the way oriental or asian people's diet is that we simply don't eat as much as westerners. I live in Australia and am surprised at the portions alot of people eat here. We asians also eat alot of rice(or noodles), usually everyday as it is our staple food.

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